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Concert for the end of school year 2018/2019

On June 15, 2019, the "Diar" Hall of the Swiss Diamond Prishtina was filled with children, parents and classical music lovers who were eagerly awaiting the performance for the 2018/2019 end of school year concert. All Amadeus school students were dressed in white and black motifs and were doing rehearsals with their friends.

Due to a large number of students, this concert was divided into two parts.

The first part of the concert started at 12:00 pm where performers were students who did not attend the choir and music ensemble,  the two ballet groups and the music preschoolers. The ballet dancers gave a great charm to the concert and took the public into childhood with the “Little red riding hood” performance. Teacher Nexhmije has done a wonderful job with her students.

The music preschoolers were cherry on the cake. The older group played in their instruments part of the song "Are you sleeping" in the accompaniment of the piano by the teacher V. Islami. While the first group played the "Odd to Joy” L.V.Beethoven in the accompaniment of piano and Amadeus students ensemble. It was a wonderful combination and coordination from the students of this small age and the school ensemble. Teacher Vanesa Petrovci was very pleased with the students and the milestones she achieved during this school year.


The second part of the concert started at 13:00 pm. In this part of the concert performed students with their solo parts and which would participate in choir and ensemble. This time, besides soloists, duo mixes, and trio in various musical instruments, it was novelty the singing group that Vita Guhelli's solo vocal teacher had organized. They sang together different classical and contemporary songs in various formations.  It is important that the students showed art with their own solo parts in all the music instruments, singing, choir, and music ensemble. They showed that a great deal of work was done throughout the year. The cherry on the cake of this concert was the performance of the school ensemble with the waltz of D.Shostakovic realized by the teacher Vehbi Shosholli. A very nice synchronization by students playing the flute, violin, clarinets, drums, piano, accompanied by the school choir and the dance of one ballerina. Great appreciation from the public took the realization of this waltz. It is a great advantage for young musicians to have the opportunity to perform together in such formations.


It was a special also for the students Elena Halilaj and Ylljon Kurti who graduated this year and finished elementary music school in the department of singing and piano. The beautiful graduation ceremony with a speech devoted by the founder of the school Valbona Petrovci was also very touching.

Now 16 years of work, Amadeus music school concerts have become a tradition that crowns the tireless work of teachers and school staff.

June 15, 2019