E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Christmas concert - December 2019

On December 18, 2019, the performance of ballerina groups was held in the concert hall of the music school "Amadeus". They played and danced under the sounds of traditional songs for the end of the year and the Christmas holidays.

With beautiful costumes and holiday motifs, they looked like winter butterflies dancing happily. Their teacher Nexhmije Selca joined them with great pleasure at the end of the show and thus concluded together the first semester of the school year 2019/2020

On December 19, 2019, we continued with the next concerts.

As is already the tradition, all the students were preparing to go on stage and show how much they have achieved during this semester.

The program of this concert presented the students in order of each teacher. In the end, as always, the school choir and the ensemble performed under the conducting of teacher Vehbi Shosholli.

This concert was another success. A lot of work, art, and above all dedication and love were shown by everyone.

December, 19, 2020