E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Concert for the International Womens Day - March 8

On March 6, 2020, at 18:00, a concert dedicated to International Women's Day was held in the concert hall of the music school "Amadeus".

This concert, which at this time of year is organized for the spring day, this time was organized earlier and was dedicated to the woman/mother with the motto: "Let her voice be heard forever"

The concert hall was full of mothers, sisters, grandmothers, female friends and family of the students who had gladly invited them to this concert. After the presentation of the students with their solo parts on instruments and singing, in the end, the school choir was presented. All the students held in their hands a red rose. The choir parts were sung for the mother and in the end the flowers were given to all the mothers who were at this concert.

March 6, 2020