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Preventive proceedings/measures from Covid-19 at “Amadeus”


Preventive proceeding from spreading COVID-19 at “Amadeus” music school facility.

Based on the instructions of the “National Institute of Public Health” (IKSHKP), the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Prishtina, "Amadeus" music school is preparing to start music lessons by respecting every measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.

These measures will be taken according to the instructions of the competent bodies for protection against Covid-19 virus, and adapted to the specifics of the work of our school.

All the proceedings, measures and instructions for the start of the school year 2020/2021 that the school will take over, can be found below:

1. "Amadeus" music school has a great advantage because it has a large space where teaching takes place.

2. The available space is 16m2 for 1 student. This not only meets the required standards, but it also exceeds them.

3. Teaching lessons in our school are individual as in most music and art schools.

4. The students schedule will be compiled and coordinated in order to have time for the classroom to freshen up the air after each lesson.

5. The group lessons of solfeggio, ballet and preschoolers, will be organized with no more than 5 students in the class. As the teaching groups will be small in number, those classes that will be divided into groups of 5 students, the time of lessons will be shortened.

6. The whole building of "Amadeus" music school, will be thoroughly disinfected.

7. Each class will be equipped with hand sanitizers and disinfectants for the musical instruments that will be used by each student (such as piano, desk, chairs, etc.)

8. There will be hand sanitizers at the entrance of the school and in the corridors.

9. Parents will be instructed to wait for their children outside the school.

10. Parents will be instructed that in case they need to have a meeting with any of the school staff, to notify in advance therefore to not create a larger number of persons at the same time within the school premises.

11. Students, teachers and other school staff are obliged to wear a mask upon entering the school, as well as during individual teaching until any other instruction from the competent bodies.

12. In solfeggio lessons, student groups are obliged to wear a mask even though they are sitting at a distance.

13. Ballet class student groups are required to wear a mask. The distance in the classroom between students, will be 2 meters, since the exercises are physical. The classroom has 4 large windows for ventilation, and the group of students will not exceed 5 people. The ballet class has a space of 40m2.

14. Ballet students are instructed to come to class dressed in ballet costumes and prepared for class in order to avoid using the locker room and students gatherings at shorter distances.

15. Students are advised to always be equipped with personal school equipment to avoid hand contact borrowing other school equipment from classmates.

16. Each student in the solfeggio group class will be sitting on a separate bench. The solfeggio class has 30m2.

17. Each student in the group ballet class will be positioned at 2 meters distance and there will be no more than 5 students in the class.

18. Each student in the preschool class group, will be sitting on a separate bench at a distance of at least 1.5 meters. The classroom will have no more than 5 students, and it also has large windows for ventilation. The class of preschoolers has a space of 25m2.

19. Any student who does not feel well, and has symptoms of Covid-19 virus, is instructed to stay home for 2 weeks. Missed lessons will be substituted by agreement.

20. Any teacher who does not feel well, and has symptoms of Covid-19 virus, is instructed to stay home for 2 weeks. Missed lessons will be substituted and defined by school colleagues or by agreement through online platforms.

21. Every teacher is obliged to be in constant contact through online platforms with students’ parents to inform them about the progress of learning.

22. Each teacher, as needed, should create groups of parents and students to be in constant contact for the progress (smooth) running of the learning process.

23.  In case the number of the infected continues to increase, group lessons of solfeggio and ballet students, can continue to be organized through online platforms.

24. This regulation of prevention and protection measures against Covid-19 virus may be modified or supplemented as necessary.

25. All other recommendations for protection against Covid-19 virus by “National Institute of Public Health” (IKSHKP) in public and private institutions, can be found in the link below:


“Amadeus” Music School
Pristina 17.08.2020