E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

"Amadeus" wishes you a Happy New Year with a video summary

On the occasion of the end-of-year 2020 holidays, the Amadeus music school summarized in a few minutes video its 1-year work including teaching during the pandemic and closure. This video also included all the successes of the students and the work of all the staff even in the most difficult times of the pandemic. Since due to the pandemic situation, the school did not physically organize a concert in the concert hall to maintain the public health of both the students and the school staff. In addition to the summary video and the greeting, our school has made video recordings in the concert hall, where each student has separately played the parts of the curriculum that he would have played in the concert in normal conditions. Each video recording is sent to parents to see their children's achievements, thus enabling them to share these videos on social networks with the public.

Below you can find the link to the abovementioned video


Pristina, December 2020