E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Establishing the Children's orchestra for the first time in Kosovo

Dear parents, students, art lovers, and citizens of Pristina.

Seeing the importance that musical education has in the early formation of children, seeing that real instrument education is never complete without playing together in ensemble and orchestra, also seeing that there are many talented children, and this talent must be developed with additional commitment,

The music school "Amadeus" is pleased to inform you that it has decided to establish the Children's Orchestra of Pristina "Amadeus."

As this year marks the 20th year of its foundation and we have organized over 100 concerts with different ensemble formations, the time has come for even greater goals for the benefit of all young art lovers and the city of Pristina.

In cooperation with the association of small and young artists "Amadeus" as well as in close cooperation with the teachers of the music school "Amadeus", we will work and commit a lot to complete the education of small and young instrumentalists. We will work hard to add to the city of Pristina, an artistic institution for children where they will develop and be formed as complete artists and musicians.

Playing in the orchestra is a necessary part of the education of an instrumentalist. Therefore, establishing a children's orchestra enriches musical education and is necessary for forming a future instrumentalist.

Soon we will come with the news and the announcement of the competition for the admission of students and the way of developing the work.

Thank you!

September 20th, 2022