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Solo concert of an Amadeus school student Jora Isamili

Jora Isamili it’s a fifth grade student in the music school Amadeus on the department of piano. Jora is a very talented, dedicated and hard working student .That's why she held her solo concert on 23.12.2016 in the concert hall of the music school "Amadeus". Her piano teacher Visar Osmani says that Jora has a great potential to develop in this profession, but it needs lots of work and dedication. In her first solo concert Jora played parts from Mozart , Beethoven , Avni Mula , A.Paparisto etc. With her great performance she showed us that with a talent and dedicated work you can accomplish great results. Jora is also an exellent student in the elementary school. In this concert also performed three other students of Amadeus Music School, Ardrit Ramadani, Vesa Kasapolli and Linor Sadiku wich are also students of profesor Visar Osmani.