E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Music School " Amadeus" participates for 9th anniversary of Independence of Kosovo

Music School "Amadeus" also this year was invited by the Municipality of Pristina to participate in the event that municipality organized for the ninth anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo.

The manifestation was held in Philharmonic Hall  of Kosovo and attended various chamber ensembles of young students, students of music faculty and two students from the music school "Amadeus": Jora Ismaili and Qëndrim Krasniqi.

Jora Ismaili performed in piano in G-mole "Polonaise" by composer F.Chopin.  Qëndrim Krasniqi sang a song by author Çesk Zadeja "Epic Song" wich was coverd in piano by Gent Kumnova who is also piano teacher in "Amadeus"

The music school for several years was invited to participate with their students in events that in Pristina municipality organizes every yerar, such as "Days of Music", "1 June", "Pristina Reads" etc.