E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Musical preschoolers - The most attractive curriculum in Kosovo

This curriculum is a pre-school program that prepares children to start lessons for music instrument

The lesson consists in the recognition of musical notes, their values, the rhythm, singing each note, as well as the execution of these notes on the particular instruments.
These music instruments are in the form of various colored bells and each color identifies the particular note and tone of each bell.
The priority of this pre-school program is that children learn and implement at the same time actions like : rhythm, melody and singing through colors and sounds, without imposing a certain musical instrument to the child, for example, piano, violin or any other instrument.

Playing an instrument combines both hemispheres of the brain in a way that other activities never do.

Plus, playing an instrument is a ton of fun and a life-long skill that will fill your house with music.

The curriculum with which we will work is the American curriculum proven to be effective in children of this age.
Children through game, entertainment, colors and popular songs for children embody musical basics
Children will recognize the music notes, values and duration of music notes, rhythm, the sound of each note, and through them will be able to execute simple melodies
These  curriculum will be a great help for children to start a regular music education.