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Collage of concerts for the end of the year 2017

Amadeus Music School on the occasion of the end of year holidays, every year, organizes a festive concert.

This time, in the last week of December 2017, the school organized three consecutive concerts with its students.

The first day of the concert was dedicated to the students of elementary school "Naim Frashëri", "Pavarësia", "Iliria" and "Gjergj Fishta". The students from these schools, were invited together with their music teachers. After the concert, students from mentioned schools were invited and tested rhythmically and melodically to find out who has the potential and the talent for music. This concert was supported by the Municipality of Pristina to identify potential talents.

The second day of the concert was held on 20.12.2017 for the open public and in this concert beginner students of the Amadeus School performed. The students, even though they were beginners, were great at their instruments, performances, and staging.

The third day of the concert was held on 21.12.2017 also for the open audience, but attended by II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII students. All the students dressed in class, performed wonderfully and enjoyed the audience with their art. Although young, the students showed art and much musicality. It was a job devoted by the teachers.

The school choir also performed on this date, singing three songs selected by the teacher of solfeggio.


Pristina 22.12.2017