E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

Our student Elena Halilaj - Participant in the festival “Euro Stars” in Malta

The "Euro Stars" festival is a great opportunity for young singers. The international Euros Star singing festival, which will be held in Malta from 25 to 30 April of this year, will also have one participant from Kosovo.

It is the 14-year-old Elena Halilaj, a student of the Amadeus Music School. In this competition festival there will be participates of 17 countries and 120 participants, and Elena will represent her country, Kosovo. She received an invitation from the organizer and director of the festival, Martin DeGabriele, who had seen her representing Kosovo last year in Ohrid at an international festival called "Tra La La". Halilaj attends music classes for solo-singing and violin at Amadeus Music School in Pristina. While she is in the eighth grade at the regular school "Don Bosko". This festival called "Euro Stars" is a great opportunity for young singers and a rare privilege for members of the music industry. All festival participants have accepted the invitation to be part of it. According to the official announcement, the mission of this festival is to support promising young talents who want to be trained and taught.