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Solo concert of Amadeus Music School student, Auron Ismaili

Auron Ismaili was enrolled for the first time at the Amadeus music school in September 2014. His talent, desire, and love for singing have been observed by Auron's parents as well as teachers in his elementary school. From the first moment and the first singing lesson, his teacher, Adelina Paloja, was optimistic about Auron's potential. Gradually, passing the curriculum, Auron was improving every day. In every concert and performance, he was excellent and gave emotion to the audience.
At the end of the school year concert 2017/2018, Auron finished the elementary school of Music education in the branch of singing where he also had the graduation ceremony.

Since Auron Ismaili is a very talented, hardworking and devoted student, on June 25, 2018, the Amadeus music school organized Auron's first solo concert at the concert hall of Amadeus school. It can be said without hesitation that Auron's voice and his performance was excellent. His teacher, Adelina Paloja, says Auron has a tremendous potential to develop in this profession, only a lot of work and dedication is needed.

At his first solo concert, Auron sang acts by Rolf Roland, Avni Mula, Jeff Guillen, Feim Ibrahimi, Gac Cuni, acts with great demands to accomplish. Accompanied in piano by pianist Gent Kumnova, and with the Auron's voice and acting the concert excited and thrilled the whole audience. With his young voice and a young singer, Auron proved that talent, love, and hard work bring stunning results.

In this concert also took part two other students of Amadeus Music school, and they were Ylljon Kurti 5th grade with piano performance and Arjona Ramadani, second grade, piano performance. 

Auron is also an excellent student of the 8th grade at Prishtina High School. 

June 2018