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"Amadeus" organizes Concert for "Albanian Flag Day" and for children among the Minority Communities

Amadeus Music School, in honor of the “Albanian Flag day” and within the project "Identifying talents from minority communities", organizes a concert dedicated to children from these communities.
This project started in mid of October and aims to identify the talents of children from minority communities.
The project "Identifying Talents among the children from Minority Communities" is a project supported by the Municipality of Pristina where the children will benefit by heaving music lessons, the basic knowledge, and theory of musical instruments, as well as ballet lessons.
It can be said without hesitation that during the implementation of the project, children and their parents have been very satisfied and enthusiastic. Teachers are also very happy and proud of the children and the way that the project is implemented by the association.
As a part of activities of this project, which is being realized for two months, and on the occasion of the “Albanian Flag Day”, on November 24th, 2018 starting from 11:00 am, the Association of Young Artists in collaboration with Amadeus Music School, organized a concert dedicated to the children of the Minority Communities.
The concert was held at the Concert Hall of the Amadeus Music School and all the students of this school participated and performed in their musical instruments, singing and also in the school’s choir.
In this way, children from the minority community will see their peers who are already attending musical instruments lessons. It will also help these children to express their preferences for any musical instrument in particular.
The Association of Young Artists also plans to incorporate the children of the minority communities in the future as a participant/performer at the next concerts.