E licencuar nga "MASHT" nga viti 2002

"Amadeus" school participated in the humanitarian evening organized by SOS Children's Villages

The Amadeus Music School has nine years of good cooperation with Sos Children's Villages in Kosovo, Pristina.

For these years "Amadeus" school has organized concerts dedicated to these children, has provided Christmas gifts, and as the more important thing, for the past 3 years, the Amadeus School professionally educates 3 children of the SOS Village in the department of flute and clarinet.

On the humanitarian evening organized by SOS Children's Villages with the slogan "No Children should grow alone" Amadeus school was also invited.

At this evening, the school was invited to perform with its students with choir and ensemble. Also in the name of the contribution to the SOS villages, the "Amadeus" school was awarded the gratitude for the school. It was a peculiar feeling and pride for the school for the weight of appreciation that was given this evening.

Contributing to children without parental care is a special and extremely humane satisfaction.

By educating these children, the Amadeus school is giving them an opportunity in the future to be determined for the profession, or at least to provide the lifestyle through playing the instrument.

November 30, 2018